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A great content marketing strategy can build relationships with your wellness clients — even when your job is remote.

4 Effective Ways to Build Client Relationships While Working Virtually From Home

Did it become harder to connect with your clients when you shifted your wellness services online? Increasing your content marketing can help strengthen your relationship with your audience and help you book new appointments — even while working virtually from home.

You build your healing service on the trust and connection that you form during in-person meetings. But when the lockdowns hit, you found a way to move your business online and still provide quality service.

But now that these interactions are virtual, you feel less connected to your clients.

You know you need to provide value, show support, and stay relevant even after the computer closes. Especially with new clients that you’re meeting for the first time over the internet — talk about a communication barrier!

A great content marketing strategy (with tactics like blogs, email sequences, and social media posts) can nurture trust between you and your clients and help you stay connected while working remotely.

Plus, it will increase your inbound traffic — so your business keeps growing in 2021.

Why It’s Harder to Build Connection When Working in a Remote Job Setting

Your wellness services work best when your clients trust you. Healing and growth are very personal, and it’s easier to be sensitive towards those emotions when you’re face-to-face. Especially if you’re providing something hands-on like an energy healing.

But when your community enforced lockdowns, you did the hard work of shifting your business online. And even in an industry built on in-person interaction — you found a way to effectively offer your services virtually.

Still, there’s a missing piece. You have to work harder to get personal, create a bond, and earn credibility when your appointments are virtual. There are extra hurdles to:

  • Building trust. Conversation can feel formal over video calls, which makes it more difficult to get to know someone than in a casual setting.

  • Strengthening connection. Technology glitches can interrupt a conversation or make it harder to pick up on social cues.

  • Diagnosing and addressing symptoms. If a client is less comfortable over the video call, they might not share all the details about their symptoms that you need to know in order to determine a solution.

Your clients need you more than ever in this stressful time. Growing your relationship with them outside of the video calls will help them get to know you — so that it’s more comfortable and productive when you do meet virtually.

How can you build trust and stay top-of-mind so they keep coming back even after the shutdowns are over? Enter, your content marketing strategy.

4 Effective Ways to Build Client Relationships While Working Virtually From Home

You probably already use a few marketing tactics. But these days, it’s not enough to just post on social media occasionally or send 1 newsletter a month. Your clients are hearing from so many different companies — you have to increase your outreach to stand out.

Using the right mix of the strategies below will keep you top-of-mind and provide your clients with value, which earns their trust. Plus, using SEO tactics and conversion copywriting will attract new clients into your pipeline and drive more sales.

1. Grow Your Social Media Presence

People are using screens more than ever. In fact, social media usage has increased by about 51% since the start of the lockdowns last year. This is a great place to hook the attention of your audience and stay on their radar.2

But be careful not to put all your eggs in the social media basket. It’s still not as effective at driving conversions as some of the other tactics below.

2. Increase Your Email Outreach

Email marketing is still up to 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined. Yes, you should read that again.3

An email sequence is a great tool to introduce your brand to new clients, stay relevant to existing ones, and drive sales of a product or service. And personalizing emails can make your audience feel like you’re speaking directly to them, which will increase the bond you’re building.

3. Write More Blogs

Having consistent blogs to share with your audience gives you a great reason to reach out to them more often — and increasing your outreach is key for them to get to know you.

But don’t just write a content piece that doesn’t include a call to action or SEO keywords. These are the most important aspects of copywriting (aside from expert writing) because they help new, ideal clients find you and drive conversions. You’ll provide genuine value to your readers while growing your business on the backend.1

4. Update Your Website Copy

You should update your website copy when your clients have new needs. This shows that you adapt and provide new solutions for them. You don’t need to overhaul your whole site. But including a few new sections can go a long way in showing your audience that you care about their needs.

Updating your copy also shows search engines that you’re keeping your content fresh, which will help you increase your organic ranking — especially if you’re incorporating new SEO keywords.4

Rethinking your marketing strategy to include more of these tactics can have a huge impact on your relationship with your clients. Each piece shows them that you care, but also drives business growth.

Not sure which materials make sense for your unique business goals? Consulting a content marketing strategist can determine the right tools you need to foster your client relationships.

Remote Work From Home Jobs Don’t Mean You Can’t Build Your Client Relationships

Your clients need your wellness services to keep them balanced in this stressful time. Increasing your outreach to share tips and tools will have a huge impact on their trust in you. And that will make your relationship grow and virtual meetings feel more personal.

Aside from building your credibility, these content marketing tools also increase your organic search ranking and inbound traffic — so new clients keep coming in. 

With all the business obstacles you’re facing right now, it’s understandable if you don’t have extra time to dedicate to your content. I help clients strategize their content marketing plan to help them reach their business goals and I write effective copy to get them there. Set up a call with me to talk about how I can help grow your business.


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How to Connect With Your Clients While Working Virtually


January 15, 2021

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