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Grow your warm email list to make your next program launch more successful.

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You couldn’t wait to launch your latest coaching program. You promoted it all over your social stories and reels, opened the virtual cart, and sat back waiting for the signups to roll in. But then… *crickets.*

The results of your launch were underwhelming. But all these other coaches seem to fill up their courses and programs right away. Is their offer better than yours?

No! But their email list strategy might be.

Why You Need to Grow Your Email List Consistently

As a coach, you’ve likely heard that email marketing is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. But do people really still read emails? Trust me, they do.

In fact, email marketing is up to 40x more effective than social media 1

Don’t get me wrong: social media is an effective place to grow awareness, relationships, and credibility – especially as a coach. But when it comes time to launch your programs and courses, conversion happens in the email inbox. Why is that?

Email is an opportunity to get personal with your audience. You can speak directly to their needs and pain points, instill urgency, and drive action.

Yes, we all get tons of junk emails these days. But when someone’s interested in the transformation you’re offering, they will open your emails. Take me, for example.

Before enrolling in an online copywriting course, I opened every single email that my copywriting mentor sent me. Because they were personalized, resonated with me on an emotional level, touched on my pain points, and demonstrated the transformation I’d go through by taking the course. Her sales email sequence truly compelled me to sign up because I felt like she was talking directly to me.

Warm Email List-Building Strategy

When you’re ready to sell your course, email is one of the most effective conversion tools. But for your launch sequence to be effective, you need an email list that’s already interested and engaged in what you have to say. AKA “warm leads.”

Your list naturally degrades by about 25% each year – crazy right? So to keep your list warm, you need to continually add people to your pipeline who are interested in what you’re offering. But it’s not enough to just add people to this list – the key is to get and keep them warm when they sign up.1

There are three steps to getting a new lead…

Generate lead → Convert them into your email list → Engage to turn them into warm leads

These are some applicable techniques to accomplish the above strategy:

  1. Generate Leads.

    • Social Media Content. Create reels and stories that your audience will connect with and share. This is an effective way to talk about your offering and direct them to your bio to learn more, which should drive them to your list.

    • SEO Blog Articles. Many coaches miss the opportunity to generate leads organically through their websites. Blog articles that capture the keywords your audience is searching for on Google drive people to your site where they can opt into your list.

    • Pro Tip. You have unique content ideas, but you may not have the time to write quality blogs. Create a content theme for the month and delegate blog writing to a trusted copywriter.

  2. Convert (aka opt-into your email list).

    • Opt-In (AKA a “freebie”). Identify something that your audience would be genuinely interested in learning about. Create a freebie that offers genuinely helpful information that’s applicable for them that they can download in exchange for their email address.
      Once you’ve created the freebie, host it on your…

    • Social Media: link the opt-in in your Instagram bio and promote the freebie on your stories/reels.

    • Website: host the freebie as an opt-in on your site that pops up when someone visits the page. When people visit your site to read the blog article, they’ll be incentivized to sign up.

    • Pro Tip. Pop-up opt-ins that simply say “sign up for my email list for updates” tend to perform less well because they don’t offer a direct benefit. Create content that provides a solution to a specific pain point to incentivize your audience to enroll. Like “5 applicable ways to implement mindfulness and reduce overwhelm in the virtual workplace.”

  3. Engage

    • Welcome Sequence. When a new potential client signs up for your list, this is their peak point of interest in you. Show up in their inbox right away to turn them from interested leads into warm prospects.
      A welcome sequence should introduce your brand, but mainly talk about how you will help THEM and solve their pain points.

    • Pro Tip: Not sure where to start? Steal this welcome email sequence template.

This email-list-building strategy not only grows your list but also makes your prospects warm. But don’t leave them hanging until you have another course opening. You need to continually engage and add value to keep them warm and ready to buy from you at your next launch.

How to Keep Your Email List Warm

To keep your email list warm, you need to show up in their inbox, provide value, and stay relevant. But don’t overwhelm them by emailing too often.

These are two ways to your list warm, without overdoing it, even in-between course opening and launches: 2

  1. Newsletters. Keep your audience updated on new offerings and discounts, and anything that would benefit them. Like Mailchimp says, only hit send when you have something valuable to say that will benefit them. Sending too many fluff emails can make them turn their attention away from you.

  2. Blog Article Promotion Emails. Show your audience that you’re continuing to show up for their needs and answer their questions by sharing your blog articles with them. This is also an effective way to send traffic to your blog which boosts SEO – and the chances that new leads will find the blog organically. 

Engaging with your email list requires balance. You don’t want to come on too strong, but you want to keep showing them why they should be interested. Don’t overthink it too much, just remember to focus on them and how they can benefit from your services.

Need Help Growing Your Email List?

By the time it’s time to launch your course, it’s already too late to start building your warm email list. You want to consistently get people onto your list so that they’re already ready to buy from you when your program opens.

Imagine what it would feel like to launch your next course and watch the signups roll in. Instead of being stressed out over every signup, you’d be confident knowing you already have all the people you need.

I want that feeling of calm confidence for you. Because I’m SURE your course is valuable and would help all those people that sign up. That’s why I offer a unique warm email list-building package.

This package includes an information-packed freebie + welcome sequence in a 10-business-day turnaround. In just two weeks you’ll have an evergreen lead driver that’s authentic and impactful.

To learn more, set up a call with me today. Let’s grow your email list!


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How to Grow an Email List of Warm Leads: Expert Email List-Building Strategy


September 30, 2021

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