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I'm Allegra, a content strategist and copywriter.  I'm here to help you increase your sales and impact through content you're proud of.

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Discover how landing on page 1 of Google boosts your credibility – and increases your leads, opt-ins, and affiliate revenue.

It’s such a privilege to work with Sarah Turner – an expert copywriter and one of the most prominent leaders in the space of copywriting education and training. Her signature program, Write Your Way to Freedom, has taught 5,300+ students how to create lucrative freelance copywriting careers.

When we took a look at her SEO and site performance, Sarah was already well-known in the industry. But there was an opportunity to enhance her organic online presence and traffic to increase the number of leads, opt-ins, and revenue the brand receives through organic search.

Our project started with a personalized SEO content strategy and long-form content plan to reach the specific brand goals. It’s been 3 months since implementing this plan at the start of Q1 ’23, and it’s awesome to see that there’s already been a huge spike in traffic and ranking for primary keywords.

This SEO case study is going to show you the goals we defined at the start, what the SEO progress looks like, and what it all means for the brand. Plus, I’ll share exactly how you can apply these strategies and learnings to grow your brand through SEO strategy and content.

  1. SEO Content Goals: Where We Started
  2. The Plan: SEO Content Strategy
  3. SEO Health (Q1 ‘23 compared to Q4 ‘22)
  4. SEO Case Study Takeaways

The results so far are from Q1 of 2023, and this strategy was implemented in December 2022. Since the results are relatively fresh, I’ll continue to update this post as the site performance changes over the next few quarters. But even the results so far are notable and encouraging.

Allegra knows what she’s doing and provides real results. It’s such a relief to get final copywriting pieces from her that are so high-quality and nearly ready to go every single time. Her SEO strategy and long-form articles drive traffic to our website, increase opt-ins, and increase revenue.

– Sarah Turner, Expert Copywriter, as seen in Inc. 5,000

Are you ready to leverage the power of organic search to grow your brand, authority, and revenue for the long-term? Contact us to work together on your SEO strategy, content plan, and/or long-form content. I’d be thrilled to help you reach your SEO goals whether you want to increase your leads, opt-ins, affiliate revenue – or all the above.

SEO Content Goals: Where We Started

Prior to December 2022, there were four articles released on the Write Your Way to Freedom blog every month. These articles served as a fantastic resource to the students in the existing audience. But without a robust SEO strategy, the articles were only bringing in a small number of new leads and site traffic.

Many of the blogs appeared on page two or three of Google, which is a great foundation. But it’s not nearly as effective as ranking on page one since 95% of search traffic goes to the front page results.

The mission was to take a more strategic approach to the SEO plan and long-form content in order to get more impact out of the the current blogging efforts. But the goals were bigger than blogging alone.

The new strategy aimed to drastically increase the brand’s online presence and traffic to ultimately…

  1. Make organic search a reliable source of lead generation and revenue. Before this point in time, the majority of students found the copywriting program through targeted FB ads. While ads are effective, organic search diversifies the ways that people find and purchase the program.

    >> You may want to consider organic search if you’re interested in saving money on ads, or adding another source of leads so you’re not relying on one channel alone.

  2. Solidify the brand as one of the top leaders in the content marketing space for the long-term. While Write Your Way to Freedom already had major credibility, the goal was to create high-quality, long-form articles that are known as the most comprehensive resources on page one of Google.

    >> Releasing credible thought leadership content is how your peers and audience start to cite your content and refer to you as the expert source on the subject.

We aimed to make a bigger impact on site traffic in the short-term. But the long-term goal is to solidify Write Your Way to Freedom as one of the most reputable, well-known copywriting programs in the space. The SEO strategy considered both the short-term and big-picture goals.

If you want to develop your long-term credibility and online presence, it’s important to get started on your SEO now. Your efforts may take 6-12 months to take effect depending on your current site performance, but the amazing thing about SEO is that your efforts compound over time.

The Plan: How We Optimized the Strategy to Meet the Goals

Like I said, blogs were already being released monthly. But there was an opportunity to update the approach to SEO to make the work even more impactful to grow the Write Your Way to Freedom brand.

I recommended optimizing the strategy in a few key ways:

  • SEO/Content Strategy. Identifying the primary keywords that would lead to growth in key areas of the business. And developing a robust SEO content strategy to target those growth-driving keywords through content pillars, internal linking, and corresponding articles in each category.

  • Long-Form Content – Creating 2,500-3,000 word articles that strategically aimed to outperform front page results for target keywords through quality, content length, and keyword strategy. Prior to this, the articles were around 1,200 words.

  • Past Article Tracking & Optimization – Consistent tracking of published articles track progress and adjust existing articles based on results. If any article stops rising in the rankings after 3-6 months, we take another look to see what can be optimized.

This three-part approach aimed to increase the rankings for existing articles to significantly boost the impact of SEO efforts. If you’re currently blogging without a larger SEO strategy, there’s likely an opportunity to get more of an impact out of the time and efforts you’re putting in.

While there’s no perfect science for SEO, Google prioritizes high-quality, informative thought leadership content. In order to rank on page 1, each article must be robust and strategically include information that existing articles on the first page are missing.

It’s crucial to start with an SEO content strategy so that you follow a plan for growth. But creating strategic long-form content each month is just as important to ultimately rise in the rankings. The plan we laid out considered both of those key areas.

SEO Results and Analytics

With SEO, it’s crucial to keep track of performance and adjust based on results. My SEO Strategy and Content Package includes quarterly analytics reporting to keep you aware of how the plan is working. I get access to your Google Analytics and also keep track of performance using our own SEO tools. This quarterly report charts progress, learnings, and action steps to reach the goals.

Here are some of the findings from the Write Your Way to Freedom Q1 ’23 report:

1. Big Wins

  • Appearing on page 1 for “How to Become a Copywriter.” Created a long-form article that aimed to rank for this highly competitive keyword term that was identified as a key business driver. In under three months, this article is ranking on in the top 5 results in Google – leading to a 238% increase in site traffic for this article.

  • 50.43% increase in overall quarterly organic search traffic (compared to Oct.-Dec. 22). Writing articles that outperform front page results (aka rank on page 1) is significantly increasing the number of new users who find the articles and site through organic search each quarter.

  • Went from unranked, to now ranked in spot #25 for the term “Copywriter.” This is one of the most competitive keywords in the niche, and ranking for this term will significantly contribute to the brand’s credibility in the space – both now and in the future.

2. Overall Site Statistics:

December 2022March 2023Change
Organic Search Users (Organic Visitors Per Month)1,8373,04166% Monthly Increase
Domain Rating3334N/A
Backlinks36767684% Increase

Overall Site Takeaways:

  • Backlinks are the number of links from other websites that point back to your website. This number is growing organically with the increase in organic traffic and article ranking. The more articles that rank on page 1, the more people will cite and link back to that source.
  • Domain Rating (DR) is a metric that shows the relative strength of a website’s backlink profile. Since the number of backlinks are increasing organically, I expect the DR to increase over the next few months, and will continue to keep an eye on this area.
  • Below is a more detailed breakdown/analysis of organic search users.

3. New User Acquisition Through Organic Traffic

The number of new users that find and click on the website through organic search.

Monthly Organic Traffic Growth:
The total number of organic search clicks by new users over a 30-day period.

Quarterly Organic Traffic Growth:
The total number of organic search clicks by new users over a quarterly period.

Q4 (Oct – Dec 2022)Q1 (Jan – March 2023)Quarterly Change 
5,8898,85950.43% Increase
Organic Search Traffic (Q1 ‘23 compared to Q4 ‘22)

4. Keyword Ranking Analysis

These are the primary keywords that we identified as key business drivers back in December 2022. Here’s how the site is progressing in ranking for these keywords:

Keyword/PhraseStarting Position (Dec 2022)Current Position (March 2023)Keyword VolumeKeyword Difficulty
CopywriterN/A (unranked)3050k75
How to Become a Copywriter1652.5k27
Copywriting Course8139110046
How to Become a Freelance Copywriter76925035
Become a Copywriter15550028
Keyword Ranking Analysis (Q1 ‘23 compared to Q4 ‘22)

5. Long-Form Blog Article Performance

Our new approach to long-form blogs is proving to be effective. Almost all of the blog articles created so far have increased in organic ranking, with some ranking on page 1 of Google. This leads to a surge in organic search impressions and subsequent organic search users.

While it’s very encouraging that the majority of articles have jumped significantly in ranking, there are some that aren’t ranking on page 1 yet. The ultimate goal is for each article to rank on page 1 for the keywords since 95% of traffic goes to the first page.

Continue to monitor your articles over a 3-6 month period. If they stop increasing in ranking before they reach the first page, analyze them again to decide whether they need to be updated again to strategically outperform front page results.

SEO Case Study Takeaways

There’s a lot of data in this SEO case study to take a deep look at. But I wanted to leave you with a few of the most important takeaways that you can implement to grow your brand.

  • Always consider your SEO strategy. Define the keywords and content plan that leads to your specific brand growth – and be sure to track results and refine your plan accordingly. You get 10x more impact out of your efforts when you have a strategic plan.

  • Focus on quality, long-form thought-leadership articles. The content that ranks on page 1 is usually around 3,000 words per article. But it’s not just about word count – you need to make sure that the articles are quality, informative, and fill gaps information gaps of existing content.

  • Use your articles to incentivize email list opt-ins. To get the most impact out of your site traffic, include a clear, relevant, and compelling incentive to sign up for your email list at the start of the article. This turns site visitors into potential customers in your email list.

  • Amplify other content channels in your articles. The Write Your Way to Freedom blogs include Sarah’s Youtube videos in order to increases reading time on the articles – and also compel readers to subscribe to the YT channel.

When you apply the right strategy, SEO is an incredible way to help new leads and clients find you. And SEO is so much more than a lead generator alone. When done right, this channel increases revenue, saves you time – and ultimately offers you more freedom.

Plus, unlike social media or PR, SEO doesn’t require your physical presence. Which means you can outsource your SEO content strategy and content to an expert – so you save time while creating more revenue and leads.

Ready to Grow Your Brand and Revenue Through SEO?

Whether you’ve tried using SEO before and haven’t seen results, or you’re eager to start and SEO strategy that actually saves you time while earning more money, you’re in the right place.

I know first-hand that SEO is a proven, reliable, brand-building method. But you need the right expertise and SEO plan to get the results you’re looking for.

I’m an SEO content strategist constantly looking for the most effective ways to grow through organic search. I’ve helped my clients:

✓ Jump to page 1 of Google in under three months
✓ Grow traffic by 13,536%
✓ Significantly increase their sales through SEO

And I’d be honored to help you do the same. Contact us to work together on your SEO strategy, content plan, and/or long-form content. We’d be thrilled to help you reach your SEO goals whether you want to increase your leads, opt-ins, affiliate revenue – or all the above.

Allegra knows what she’s doing and provides real results. It’s such a relief to get final copywriting pieces from her that are so high-quality and nearly ready to go every single time. Her SEO strategy and long-form articles drive traffic to our website, increase opt-ins, and increase revenue.

She takes the initiative to makes things better, which is a priceless quality in a freelancer. Working with her is an absolute pleasure.

Sarah Turner, Expert Copywriter, Copywriting Mentor, creator of Write Your Way to Freedom

SEO Case Study: How SEO Strategy and Content Increased This Client’s Site Traffic by 16,000% (And Growing)

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April 13, 2023

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