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Plus, get the inside scoop on what you can (and should) expect from a high-quality copywriter for coaches and creatives. 

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Are you looking for a trustworthy copywriter for coaches to help you grow your online brand?

You want to work with a partner that delivers a feel-good, organized experience. Someone who gets your voice and tone right and creates marketing content that gets results. 

But sourcing a high-quality, organized copywriter for coaches is a little trickier than it seems.

While there are thousands of results for copywriters online, finding the *right* partner to trust with your brand can still feel challenging. So, I’m here to help.

This article is going to walk you through exactly how to find a copywriter and marketing partner who cares about your brand – and helps you grow to 7+ figures and beyond.

  1. Benefits of Working With a Copywriter for Coaches 
  2. Types of Content a Copywriter Can Help You With
  3. Qualities to Look For in a Copywriter for Coaches
  4. How to Find a Copywriter for Coaches

We’ll tackle all your biggest questions, like “In the new world of ChatGPT and AI-assisted content, do I still need to hire a copywriter for coaches for my online business?”

And as a copywriter myself, I’m going to give you the inside scoop on what you can (and should!) expect from a quality freelancer you’ve invested in. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what to look for in a copywriter – and where to find one.

Looking for a high-quality copywriter for coaches? We’re a tight-knit copywriting team specializing in copywriting for creatives like you. We’ve helped our clients rank on the first page of Google, celebrate $15k in their first launches, and feel proud of their brand’s message.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call to save time and see if we’re the right fit. Or, I’ll connect you with another amazing copywriter in my network.

Benefits of Working With a Copywriter for Coaches

Did you know that the U.S. coaching industry is growing at a 5.4% annual pace?1

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty of room in the industry for coaches like you who are creating and delivering valuable offers for your clients. There are millions of people searching for life, business, and wellness coaches daily.

But with all the competition, having persuasive and engaging marketing content and sales copy is more crucial than ever. Especially if you want to stand out and attract the right audience. 

And if you’ve been running your brand for some time now, you know it takes a lot of content to market yourself. Between social media, emails, and sales materials – you might feel like writing your copy is a full-time job on top of your actual job. And the truth is, it is!

Here are a few reasons why working with a copywriter can be so beneficial to helping you gain that time back and grow your impact:

  • Content Effectiveness. Copywriting is about more than just putting words together. It’s about crafting strategic and impactful messages that resonate with your target audience’s pain points. You need tailored and customized copy that aligns with your brand positioning and speaks directly to your ideal clients.

    The right copywriters have an understanding of copywriting techniques, persuasive skills, and storytelling that compel your audience to take *action.*

  • Time-Saving Methods. Creating effective content takes time – even when you use AI tools to assist or speed up the process. Plus, your content strategy is most effective when you stay consistent, so it’s helpful to work with someone who can take this vital project off your to-do list regularly.

    Outsourcing your content to a copywriter allows you to focus on your vision and free up time to work with the right clients. You’ll grow your brand – or, quite frankly, have more freedom.

  • Strategy and Partnership. Your content is so much more effective when it all builds on each other to ladder up to a larger brand goal. A copywriter who knows content strategy helps you create a content plan that moves the needle forward in your brand.

    But only some freelancers are both copywriters and strategists. So, stay tuned for tips on how to find a strategic partner who has a deep understanding of consumer behavior, market trends, and industry best practices.

Maybe you’ve been DIY-ing your content creation up until this point as a coach or creative entrepreneur. And you deserve a ton of credit for that – because it’s not easy to write all your content on top of running your brand.

There comes a point when delegating becomes critical to reaching your next level.

Working with a copywriter is truly one of the most impactful ways to scale your brand. Because consistent, compelling content grows your brand fast when you outsource it to a copywriter. This allows you to spend more time on high-level, revenue-generating activities. 

Whether you want to save headspace, make your content more effective with better copy, or develop a more holistic strategy – the right copywriter can help with all the above.

Types of Content a Copywriter Can Help You With

At this point, you might be leaning towards hiring a copywriter for coaches. But maybe you’re still wondering what exact types of content they can help you with.

The right copywriter will help you figure out which pieces of content will work together to reach your specific brand goals.

For example, maybe you have a desire for more leads to find your website and offers through organic search so that your marketing attracts your audience in the background. A content strategist could recommend an organic marketing funnel that uses SEO to bring in new leads.

This is why it’s essential to work with someone eager to talk with you about where you want to go with your brand and lay out the specific plan to help you get there.

Of course, if you have a specific copy project in mind, a copywriter can help you execute those types of copy. But it’s worth mentioning that they can also recommend content to help your brand that you might not have thought about yet.

Here’s a list of some of the types of content that a copywriter can help you with:

  • Email Copywriting. The importance of email sequences in your brand’s marketing strategy can’t be overstated. Emails build brand awareness, promote new products, and nurture customer relationships. With the right content and approach, email marketing builds your audience and drives sales.

  • Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO). Your online presence on search engines like Google is one of your biggest credibility and sources of leads. SEO-based copywriting helps you optimize your online presence, build your authority, and bring in new recurring leads to your business.

  • Launch Copy (Sales Pages and Sales Emails). If you’ve launched an online course, digital product, or coaching program, you know that the success of your launch is truly dependent on your sales funnel and copy.  A copywriter for coaches can interview your audience and write the pieces of your funnel that compel your audience to buy.

  • Direct-Response Copywriting. Direct-response copy is the words that incentivizes the reader to take action now. Like the copy on an opt-in landing page that compels the reader to enroll in your email list. Direct-response copy is an invaluable skill because it directly leads to results and sales of your coaching services.

  • Branding and Website Copy. A copywriter can help you carve out your brand archetype and unique personality – like brand voice, tone, and character. This process involves delving into the nuances of your brand to identify its unique traits and characteristics that resonate with your target audience.

You might find a copywriter who specializes in one of these areas or someone who can help you with multiple touchpoints of your marketing funnel. The copywriter you choose comes back to your preference of who you want to work with – and what type of process you’re looking for.

Let’s dive into what to look for in a copywriter and where to find one!

Qualities to Look For in a Copywriter for Coaches

Not all copywriters provide the same level of support, which is more accurate than ever.

Some copywriters are content executioners, meaning they can write your copy after you give very specific directions about what you want.

The most impactful copywriters for coaches are marketing strategists who help you grow your brand from a holistic perspective. And someone who is a specialist in copywriting themselves.

It’s important to find a copywriter who positions themselves as a strategic marketing partner and more than a writer alone. Especially with the new rise of AI.

These are a few things you can (and should!) expect from a copywriter – so feel free to save these for the next time you have a discovery call with a copywriter:

  • Strategic partner. Someone who’s always looking for ways to optimize and improve your strategy. This means they do more than simply execute the pieces of copy you’re looking for. They make recommendations for how your content can fit together to reach your larger brand goals.

    For example, maybe you find a copywriter because you want a sales page written. A strategic copywriter might look at the rest of your marketing funnel and recommend creating an opt-in page and emails to really drive the most traffic to your sales page.

  • Efficient and organized process. When offloading your content to a copywriter for coaches, you should be treated with the utmost respect. High-level copywriters will give you a white glove service that takes the project off your plate, saves you time, and feels good in the process.

    It’s worth it to invest more money in a highly efficient and organized copywriter. That’s the type of person who is going to actually take the full project off your plate. They’ll help you avoid having to go back and forth or having a lot of revisions.

  • Knows how to leverage AI tools. AI tools like ChatGPT don’t replace a human copywriter with compelling copywriting skills. But there are definitely benefits to using this tech to optimize research and efficiency.

    You may not want to learn how to use AI because it’s time-consuming, but a copywriter can help you leverage AI to the fullest extent for your brand. It’s a positive sign when a copywriter embraces this technology and helps you reap the benefits.

  • Specializes in a specific niche or type of copy. If you were going into surgery to get your knee replaced, you’d want to work with a specialist, not a generalist – right?

    Some copywriters specialize in specific industries, whereas others specialize in certain types of copy, like sales pages. Some do both! You’ll likely want to work with a copywriter for coaches who understands the creative industry and online marketing.

The best copywriters for coaches might come at a higher price point. As the client, you absolutely should be getting your money’s worth out of that investment. Be sure to look for copywriters that truly have your unique brand goals at their top of mind. 

A few ways to tell is… 

Are they asking you very specific questions about your brand goals?

Do they have solid and compelling client case studies and testimonials?

Can they back up their claims with cold hard data and results?

If the answer is yes to all three of these questions, then the copywriter is a professional. And it’s worth it to invest in a professional who’s going to really think about your specific needs and get you the results you’re looking for.

It’s so much better to invest in someone you trust to get it right the first time. This is going to save you time and headaches later on. Plus, just imagine how good it will feel to come out of your next launch or project feeling solid about your content that brings in more sales.

So, where do you find a copywriter who will get you the results you’re craving? 

How to Find a Copywriter for Coaches

Maybe you’ve tried to find a copywriter on a website like Fiverr or Upwork but aren’t finding the top-quality writer you’re looking for. You’re ready to work with a professional that gets the project right the first time – but how do you find one?

Here are two proven ways to find successful copywriters:

  • Google. Google terms in your niche, like “copywriter for coaches,” and explore the results. It’s challenging to rank on the first page of Google search results, so the top results are likely reputable and trustworthy. Explore their content and get in touch!

  • Word of Mouth. One of the best ways to find a fit is through referrals your network trusts. Ask the other creative entrepreneurs in your network if they’ve worked with a copywriter and service provider who’s driven results for their brand.

Finding the right copywriter for your online business is an investment in your brand’s success. When you take the time to find a strategic marketing partner with the skills and expertise you need, you can truly elevate your content, reach your ideal clients, and achieve your brand goals. So, start your search today and watch your online business thrive.

Speak With a Copywriter Today

Looking for a high-quality copywriter for coaches? We’re a tight-knit copywriting team specializing in copywriting for creatives like you. We’ve helped our clients: 

  • Rank on the first page of Google
  • Celebrate $15k in revenue in their first launches
  • Feel proud of their message.

I’d be thrilled to help you find a copywriter for coaches that you can trust to care about your brand as much as you do.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call to save time and see if we’re the right fit. Or, I’ll connect you with another amazing copywriter in my network.


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Copywriter for Coaches: How to Find a Stellar Marketing Partner to Help You Grow Your Brand


May 16, 2023

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