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Automate your sales process to earn more and free up time for bigger things. If you’re a life coach, this marketing plan is for you!

You started your coaching business to help people. You also wanted to escape the 9-5 lifestyle to take control of your own time. But right now, your income is still tied to the hours you put in. 

You have to work longer and longer days if you want to earn more. Which is *not* what you had in mind when you jumped head-first into starting your own business.

Make no mistake: you love what you do. You want to continue adding value to your clients and potential clients’ lives.

You know you need to drive sales to keep doing what you love…  buutt having to nurture, convert, and upsell every potential client yourself is exhausting

An automated sales funnel can earn you sales and bookings on autopilot. So you can…

  • skip the burnout

  • focus on the big picture

  • show up for the clients that need you

  • keep growing

Sounds like a game-changer, right?

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Tell Me – What Is This “Automated Sales Funnel” You Speak Of?

An automated sales funnel is a strategic content structure that moves your customers along the sales journey. It primes them to say “yes” to your product or offering when it’s time to make a purchase decision.

In a sales funnel, content can be written once and set up to trigger automatically when your audience takes certain actions. For example, when your audience signs up for your email list it should immediately trigger a nurture email sequence to turn them into warm leads.

Basically, a sales funnel nurtures and converts your ideal clients on autopilot. 

Well… kinda.

If you’re looking to set up a one-time “passive” income strategy and never lift a finger again, my sales funnels aren’t for you.

For funnels to be effective, you need to passionately promote your lead magnet to drive potential clients into the funnel – which takes work on your end.

But my gut tells me you’re here because you’re a passionate business owner who’s anything BUT passive.

You love engaging with your followers, giving them tips, and hearing their stories. You just want that stellar work you’re putting in to be matched with stellar results – which is exactly how an automated sales funnel can help.

An automated sales funnel is the key to a life coaching business that’s thriving and sustainable. But for your sales funnel to be effective, there are two key pieces you MUST have:

  1. Expert Strategy

A crystal-clear idea of your ideal client, and how to reach them. Plus, how to structure your multi-level offerings so you’re earning on both your low and high-ticket items.

2. High-Quality Content

Authentic content that demonstrates how you solve your audience’s pain points and why they should work with you. This includes content like a compelling lead magnet, an effective landing page, and email sequences that convert.

With my automated sales funnel package, you’ll have all this in 6 weeks.

So, picture yourself 6 weeks from now…

Are you still working into the late hours of the night, personally pushing every single sale in your coaching business? Or are you….

  • Working ON your business, instead of IN it 

  • Focusing on long-term strategy, instead of driving every sale yourself

  • Earning more, working less, and spending more time with your family

This is all possible for you. 

The best part is, my funnels rely on genuine, information-packed, authentic content that improves your clients’ lives. So you don’t have to feel slimy about your marketing. Every piece of content aims to help your audience – which is exactly what you set out to do in the first place.

My automated funnel package is a $3k investment in your long-term business success. 

This package includes…

  • Strategy. A successful sales funnel needs a roadmap. Together we’ll define your ideal client and take an in-depth look at your existing content. Then I’ll recommend what content to optimize and create for a seamless funnel. This might include…

  • Lead Magnet. A value-packed freebie you give to your ideal client in exchange for their email address.

  • Welcome Sequence. A series of emails that builds trust and turns your ideal clients into warm leads.

  • Launch Sequence. An email series that incentivizes your audience to enroll in your product/service. These emails resonate with their pain points and demonstrate how you solve them. Plus an effective launch email sequence instills urgency, so your readers act now.

  • Landing Page. A high-converting sales page that resonates with your audience and compels them to engage with your product/service.

  • Optional: Upsell Sequence. This is an email series that compels your existing clients to book your high-ticket offer (ex: 1:1 coaching session).

When you work with me on a sales package, you get more than a copywriter. I’ll become your trusted partner and strategist that helps you seamlessly integrate these deliverables. My goal is for you to feel calm, clear, and confident about your sales funnels.

Let’s make an impact in your business without all the overwhelm.

Are you ready for the next level of authentic success for your coaching business?

Don’t need the full package? Ask me about pricing for a-la-carte sales copy!

P.S. Coaches that stand out from the crowd demonstrate their expertise and authority through consistent, high-quality content. Learn how you can increase your traffic, nurture your audience, and build your authority with a foundational content strategy.