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I create email marketing strategy and content that grows your loyal audience and business (without relying on paid ads).

My Consultation Guarantee: You walk away from our consult with valuable tips on your email marketing strategy, whether or not we decide to work together. 

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Leading to more sales or bookings, turning more free trial users into paid subscribers, or helping more first-time buyers become loyal, returning customers.

You’ve heard the big email marketing stat – you know the one – that email can generate a $4,200% return on investment.

But maybe you haven’t seen a high ROI yet, which makes you feel frustrated or confused.

It’s true that your email is still your most profitable marketing tool. Yes, it even significantly tops social media despite the rise in popularity.

But effective email marketing is not just about having an email list. You need effective strategy, consistency, and technique to see the ROI you want out of your marketing emails.

Maybe you’re looking for an expert to revamp your email strategy and copy so you can finally see the results you’re looking for.

Or perhaps you’re already pretty happy with your email results and looking for an expert email copywriter to take them to the next level. 

Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Have you ever felt like your email marketing could be doing more for you?

Increase Your Sales

Turn interested browsers into excited buyers.

your people

Build a loyal, returning customer base.

Nurture your audience

Sell more of your products and programs. ‘Nuff said. 

You’re ready to do your email copywriting the right way. Because you know that effective email marketing is key to your massive success, revenue, impact – and becoming the household name you want to be.

It's time for your email marketing to...

Sending your emails sporadically without a strategy can result in a lot of effort with low ROI. Not on my watch!

Developing a holistic email strategy that automatically moves your target audience through each stage of the customer journey boosts your sales and saves you tons of time.

Strategy and Automation

part one

The keys to a mega-profitable email list:

Your email subject lines, body copy, and how you get your reader's attention are all just as critical as how often you email your audience.

Compelling email copy techniques and best practices develop your brand voice, connect with your audience, and incentivize action. So you can increase your ROI and build a brand message you’re proud of.

Copy Technique

part  two

Having someone subscribe to your email list is only the first step. Now it’s time to nurture them with frequent, quality email content that offers helpful info and incentives.

A nurtured, engaged email list is crucial for successful product launches, increasing your visibility, and developing brand loyalty with your audience.


part three

Ready to take your email marketing results to the next level?

Here are three ways I can help:

You need one email sequence expertly written for you fast (like a welcome, launch, or onboarding sequence…).

Email Project

You need high-quality emails written for you monthly (like newsletters, promo emails, and automated sequences…). 

Email Copywriting

Get AN Email Strategy

You need an expert to create a holistic email strategy that generates predictable income for your business.

Email Conversion Strategy Consult

Not sure which is the right fit? Keep scrolling to get more details on each package. 

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Get Consistent Emails

"I’m so glad I worked with Allegra on my launch copy. Her proposal was spot-on, which made our work together pretty seamless, and she incorporates feedback like a pro. I look forward to working with her again" — Janel A., career coach

“I saw engagement in my high-ticket offering minutes after my copy went live!”

💌 Email: 48% open rate, 3% CTR
📝 Sales Page: 19% conversion rate

I'm Allegra, I create high-converting email sequences and sales pages for coaches, course creators, and e-commerce brands like yours.

Email marketing is truly one of my favorite channels to work on as a copywriter. I love that we get to meet your audience in their inbox, have a 1:1 interaction with them, and relate to their experiences. 

The email marketing channel is a place where you can show personality, infuse your brand story, and drive meaningful conversations.

I’d be honored to bring these genuine conversations to life with your audience.

If you’re ready to…

  • Feel proud of your brand voice, message, and how you’re showing up for your audience.

  • Get a higher ROI out of all your marketing efforts (like paid ads and organic content).

  • Earn predictable income each month with less effort by strategically automating your email marketing campaigns.

Then, I’m here to help. 

Whether you’re looking for a one-time project or a long-term partner for your brand, I’d love to speak about how we can work together to expand your brand’s reach, revenue, and impact.

well hello!

Meet Your Email Copywriter

Whole-Life Coaches
Career Coaches
Hemp Oil Brands
Holistic Health Leaders
Online Business Strategists
Mindset Experts
Online Clothing Retailers
Clean Goods Stores
Functional Medicine Providers

…and more online business owners, brands, and course creators like you!

I've proudly worked with...

Copywriting Samples



Get one email sequence written in 5 business days. I pause all my other client work to give your email sequence strategy and development my full attention and expertise.

This package is perfect for you if you’re a business owner who needs one email sequence expertly written for your brand and want it done pronto

  • Step 1: Research & Strategy. I gather all the info about your brand, objectives, and potential customer using a questionnaire, your VOC data, and my own market research. After our kick-off call, I develop your unique copy strategy.

  • Step 2: Copy Development & Delivery. I spend two full business days in the writing zone, developing your high-quality email sequence. After that, your sequence gets professionally edited and triple-checked for quality.

  • Step 3: Edits & Support. At the end of the week, you receive a polished email sequence that’s up to my highest standards. To make sure you’re 100% happy, you have the option to request one round of edits. 

  • BONUS: Get 1:1 Voxer (walkie-talkie instant messaging app) access for one week after your copy is delivered for any questions on implementation.

how it works

Explore My Email Copywriting Services

the details

Here's a closer look inside each Package...

Allegra is an absolute dream to work with. I'm a copywriter myself, so trusting another copywriter with my projects is a big deal! I highly recommend her for your copy needs.

– Sarah Turner, expert copywriter, creator of Write Your Way to Freedom

VIP Email Project


One Week

The VIP format means I can look at your offer from all angles, give your conversion copy the detail it deserves, and provide you with the support you need – all in a quick turnaround.

Potential sequences we could create include a... 
  • Welcome Email Sequence 
  • Launch/Sales Email Sequence 
  • Transactional Email Sequence 
  • Post-Purchase Email Sequence

These are a few examples, but there are many types of email sequences we can produce. Please specify which email sequence you’re looking for in your application – or if you need guidance on determining which is the right fit.


APPLY for a vip package

Effective, consistent email marketing is your most profitable marketing tool as a course creator or e-commerce brand. 

This package is perfect for you if you’re looking for a marketing partner to take email marketing off your plate. Let’s increase your monthly revenue with your best emails – while you stay focused on other important things.

Here are a few examples of the email deliverables I create for my monthly email copywriting clients:

Lifecycle Email Sequences. These automated sequences are essential to driving consistent, reliable income in your e-commerce business.
  • Welcome Email Sequence
  • Abandoned Cart Email Sequence
  • Post-Purchase Sequence

Content Emails. These emails create brand loyalty, build authority, nurture your audience, and prompt monthly sales.
  • Newsletters
  • Content Emails (highlighting blog posts, helpful topics, etc.)

Sales Emails and Promotional Campaigns. These emails have one job: to incentivize your audience to purchase an offer (like a product or program).
  • Promotional Email Sequences
  • Product Launch Email Sequences

What it includes


Your monthly email marketing is a big job. Don’t let your emails fall to the bottom of your list during busy months. My email copywriting services help you stay consistent and get the results you’re looking for – without requiring more of your valuable time.


book a 15-min consult

Consistent Email Copywriting

Want to get more results out of your email marketing, but not sure where to start? My email conversion strategy consultation helps you discover the gaps in your email strategy and how to fix them to boost results.

This package is perfect for you if you want to take a step back and figure out if your holistic strategy is working most effectively. Let’s get your email marketing foundation on point so your future email efforts become more effective.

  • Step 1: Consult & Research. You share all the details about your current email marketing efforts (your opt-in strategy, which sequences you use, etc.) and your current results. I may take a peek inside your email service provider (ESP) to get a full picture of your email efforts.

  • Step 2: Strategy Development & Delivery. I dive into creating your custom email marketing strategy using all this information. You receive a full report and presentation that includes recommendations on how to update your efforts to boost your results. Keep reading for potential email recommendations this could consist of.

  • BONUS: Get 1:1 Voxer (walkie-talkie instant messaging app) access for one week after your strategy is delivered for any questions. This bonus means you won’t be alone as you implement your strategy and next steps.

how it works


Two Weeks

Effective emails are the foundation of an effective marketing strategy – but there are a ton of moving pieces to email. I’m proud to take the guesswork out of email for my clients and provide you with a clear, focused strategy that leads to results.

Here are a few areas your custom email campaign strategy could include:

  • Opt-In to Email Strategy. I take a look at your opt-in funnel and recommend ways it could be optimized to drive more email subscribers (without relying on discounts).

  • Lifecycle Email Strategy. I analyze whether there are any gaps in your customer email journey where automated sequences would increase action, sales, and brand loyalty.

  • Content Strategy. Let’s figure out if your current content strategy builds the authority, loyalty, and results you’re looking for. I’ll recommend the strategy that consistently gets results for my clients.


book a 15-min consult

Email Conversion Strategy Consult

Most services have a 2-3 week waiting list, so be sure to get on the calendar if you have an important launch coming up or want to update your email marketing strategy pronto. You’ll get an exact timing estimate after you fill out an application.

How soon can we work together?

Answers to your burning email questions.

Explore the FAQs.

Sure thing, I also offer sales page copywriting services. Ask me how you can get a sales page and an email sequence for a bundle price.

Can you create other sales content for my business?

Yes! Additional email variations can be added on for a small fee. Let’s test and optimize your copy based on results like open rate, conversion rate, and unsubscribe rate.

Do you offer a / b testing?

Yep! Payment is handled online by ACH or credit card.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Sales Copy Reactions

what my clients say

Email Marketing vs. Social Media: Which Is Better?

With Instagram Reels and TikTok videos rising in popularity, you may be wondering which channel you should focus your marketing efforts on.

Most stats and articles tell you that email marketing is more effective than social media (which is true). But my perspective is that email marketing copy makes all your marketing – including social media – more effective and worth your efforts. 

So, you don’t need to give up social media unless you want to. Social media marketing can be a fantastic way to reach new audiences and boost your awareness. But social is much more effective when you lead your audience into your email list.

Why? Because, unlike social media, you own your email mailing list.

Third-party platforms own your social pages. This means you could lose your entire audience if anything changes to those companies.

Remember the great Facebook/Instagram crash of 2021? We had no clue if that would last for a day or weeks *shudders.* And we all know your social channels are subject to algorithm changes that affect your reach to your audience.

When you have an engaged, excited, nurtured email list – you always have an effective place to reach your audience, promote your products, and drive sales.

Looking for high-quality email templates? Stay tuned!

I have a special deliverable in the works to help you expertly DIY your email marketing copy. Sign up for my email list to be the first to know when the templates become available.

In the meantime, work with an email marketer to take your strategy and email copywriting off your plate. If you’re ready to save time and boost your sales and impact through quality email marketing – I can’t wait to help!

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