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VIP Sales Copy Package

for coaches, course creators, and ecommerce brands

I’d love to tell you that if you build it, they will come. But we both know the marketing world isn't always all *field of dreams.*

You know you need killer sales copy to sell to your audience. But every time you go to write, you can't seem to get to the heart of what you do.

It all comes out sounding sales-y or like every other offer on the market. 

If only you could...

    Cut through the clutter

    Capture your uniqueness

    Incentivize your audience

...all without sounding like your neighborhood sales guy.

Friend, there is a way you can sell with a genuine message that also gets people taking action.

You created a life-changing product or program. You did the dang thing! 👏 

Now, it’s time to get it into the hands of people who need it.

value-aligned sales copy is created here

value-aligned sales copy is created here

A genuine message is actually what cuts through the stream of constant content and marketing jargon.

This type of message gets your audience to pull you out of their promotions tab and into their primary inbox – because they just can’t miss what's coming next.

Instead of spending hours learning the ins and outs of effective copy and doing the work – you can leave the *how* to me and focus your energy on what's most important to you.

My sales copywriting helps your audience see the value of your offer and say yes to a product that ultimately helps them. They benefit, and you have confidence that what you have to offer is making an impact on more people. 

Ready for that win-win? Then you’re gonna love…

Your audience craves connection, empathy, and storytelling in your sales copy.

Expert creation of your most important sales content all delivered in 5-10 business days. Ready to save time and feel confident launching your digital product?

the *vip*

Sales Copy Package

Yes! pick my package

Say goodbye to long wait times and multiple back-and-forths. The VIP format means I can look at your business strategy from all angles, give your copy the TLC it deserves, and be the partner you need – all in a quick turnaround. 

 1:1 Support and Attention

Get expert sales content to save time, increase your sales – and launch your product, program, or business with a message you're proud of. Explore the content options below! 

Done-for-You SALES Content

Your sales content will be off your list and headspace in just 5-10 business days. And when you have more headspace, you have room to be creative and expand your program in ways you’re proud of.

1-2 Week Turnaround Time

The VIP Sales Copy Package Comes Equipped With…

"I’m so glad I worked with Allegra on my launch email sequence. Her proposal was spot-on, which made our work together pretty seamless, and she incorporates feedback like a pro. I look forward to working with her again" — Janel A., career coach

“I saw engagement in my high-ticket offering minutes after my emails went live!”

💌 Email: 48% open rate, 3% CTR
📝 Sales Page: 19% conversion rate

Complete the application form. You’ll hear back from me in 48 hours with details to save you time and see if we're a good fit.

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Prep (leading up to VIP week) ✍️

How the VIP Sales Copy Package Works

I share a questionnaire that asks you all the details about your business, offering, audience, and voice. Your answers help me craft sales copy that is personality-driven and resonates with your audience.

2. Questionnaire

We hop on a 45-minute call to debrief before I start writing. During this call, we’ll discuss your questionnaire and I'll get to know your business on a deeper level.

3. Kick Off call

I dive into your questionnaire, our kick-off call notes, and market research – and develop your personality-driven copy strategy.

4. strategy

I create the content using my signature formula that connects with your audience and compels them to take action with your business.

5. copy development

The package includes professional editing, so all copy is polished when. Plus, one round of edits is complimentary.

6. revisions (if needed)

our proven process

VIP Week! 🎉

Get 1:1 Voxer (walkie-talkie instant messaging app) access for one week after your copy is delivered for any questions you may have.

Follow-up & Support

Bonus 🙂

Sales Copy Package Options


what's included

The Email List Builder

find the right fit

Don't see the perfect fit? Apply to get a custom package built for your needs.



+ 1 complimentary round of revisions
+ 1:1 Voxer access for 1 week post-delivery
+ 5-10 business day turnaround (specified at time of booking).

every package also includes...

Grow your email list with warm leads who are bought-in on your message and excited to buy from you.

+ 1 Brand Voice Guide
+ 1 Welcome Email Sequence


what's included

Get your money-makin' email sequences on-lock so you can consistently sell more products on autopilot.

The Consistent Sales

+ 1 Welcome Email Sequence
+1 Abandoned Cart Email Sequence
+1 Post-Purchase Email Sequence


what's included

Nail your unique brand voice and positioning so you can attract clients and propel your growth.

The Biz Builder

+ 1 Brand Voice Guide
+1 Website Services Page
+1 Welcome Email Sequence



The following packages are delivered within 10 business days.


what's included

Get expert launch content to save time, increase your sales, and launch your product with a message you're proud of.

The Sold-Out Launch


+ 1 Sales Page
+1 Sales Email Sequence

two weeks

one week

The following packages are delivered within 5 business days.

...popcorn enthusiast *movie-theater butter always*

Around here, we believe in promoting valuable digital products that positively impact people’s lives.

And we’re proud to do so in a genuine, human way that actually leads to results. 

Aka, you won’t find slimy sales tactics here. 

Are you ready to increase your sales and impact? Let’s paint the vision for your audience using sales copy that gets them thinking, “I NEED this in my life.”

Because we both know they really do.

meet  your copywriter!

Allegra, here! Sales copywriter, launch content specialist...

– James Bake, Chief Operating Officer, BestSelf Co.

"Before working with Allegra, we struggled with finding the right words. Mostly because we were too close to the project and had too many other things going on.

The best, best part was that you "get it." We've worked with a few other copywriters and usually, the first rounds have lots of edits or need re-dos. Not the case here.

The first round of copy sent over checked almost all the boxes. Which was AMAZING!"

The brand tone was spot on and it felt like you've been writing for BestSelf Co. for years.

– Sarah Turner, expert copywriter, coach, creator of Write Your Way to Freedom

"I’m a copywriter myself, so trusting another copywriter with my copywriter with my projects is a big deal! I highly recommend her for your copy needs.”

Allegra is an absolute dream to work with.

— Ryan Waddell, head of marketing, My Vaccine Lawyer

"Our standards for copywriting and SEO are quite high. We’ve struck out in the past with a few other services, but hit the bullseye this time with Allegra. Her response time and clarity for project vision, its plan of action, and deliverables were unmatched.

We’re really happy with the product we received."

We hit the bullseye with Allegra.

– Janel Abrahami, Career Coach

"I’m so glad I worked with Allegra on my launch copy. Her proposal was spot-on, which made our work together pretty seamless, and she incorporates feedback like a pro.

I look forward to working with her again"

I saw engagement in my high-ticket offering minutes after my copy went live!

— Dr. Martina Sturm, owner, Denver Sports and Holistic Medicine

"Allegra's copywriting is always high-quality and she gives my brand voice character. She's reliable, transparent, and has excellent communication skills"

She truly cares about helping you reach your business goals.

Her writing style adds value and a voice to your product.

– Anna Pandos, CEO, Moon Balloon

"Allegra is thorough in her research and preparation, taking the time to fully understand her audience and topic.

She truly has a unique and impressive style of writing."

I get it – I also want to be sure we’re a match made in marketing heaven.
We’d likely work well together if…

You’re crystal-clear on your business focus, audience, and offer. Now, you’re ready to take the final leap of promoting the product to the world.

Wondering if we're the right fit?

Looking for a launch email sequence? It’s my mission to get more engagement out of your audience – but to set us up for success, you’ll need a somewhat active email list. 

If you want to start your email list, I can help! Let’s create your welcome sequence first (and yes, your welcome sequence IS a sales sequence).

Bonus points if your product enhances personal development, brain training, or living an intentional life. While I get passionate about writing sales copy for any product, these topics get me extra excited!


Sound like we're the right fit?

The choice is yours...

You could keep writing your sales copy yourself.

Staying up late, trying to bang out that 7-part sales email sequence after it fell to the bottom of your list, again. Understandably, I mean, you have a business to run!

But at the end of the day, your sales copy is the most essential aspect of selling your products.

What if, instead, you could hand over your sales copywriting to an expert who knows the ins and outs of what makes people say yes to working with you.

Someone who knows writing is her zone of genius, so you can spend more time in yours. 

Okay, you get where I’m goin’ with this.

I'd be honored to take your sales copywriting off your plate, increase your sales, and save you time and headspace so you can stay focused on what matters most to you.

Sound good to you, too?


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