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Sell out your offer with launch copy you’re proud of. 

Career Coach, Speaker, & Educator

The process of building copy flows myself is so overwhelming, I really just wanted someone to take that whole variable off my plate. Allegra perfectly captured the excitement, urgency, and good-feelings I wanted my audience to rally around. 

I came to Allegra with a very tight timeline, and she still over-delivered on my copy. Her data-gathering process is so thorough that I totally trusted her to nail my voice and audience persona even in that short time frame.

She's very open and flexible with feedback, and I felt really confident knowing this important piece of my sales process was in Allegra's hands.”

“The copy that Allegra created was beyond my expectations.”

Results of working with us:


Email: 65% average open rate, 6.5% average CTR.
Our copy helped Janel welcome a $15k launch!

  1. Personable, effective sales copy is the essential element for selling your product.

  2. Sales page copywriting is no small task *cue the fear of staring at a blinking cursor*.

Maybe this time around, you’ve decided not to go down the rabbit hole of writing a 3,000+ word sales page. You’re ready to…

You're ready to sell an offer you're oh-so proud of.

And you’ve been in the digital product world long enough to know… 

Increase Your Sales

Pausing your busy launch to-do list to spend days writing a long-form sales page? No, thank you!

Imagine taking your sales page copywriting off your list so you can focus on the important things – and feel calm going into your launch.

Save Your

You could talk all day about your product. But how do you know what's important to your audience?

If only someone could spend hours learning how your offer resonates with your audience and communicate it to them in a crystal-clear message.

clarify Your message

You know you need a high-converting sales page for your target audience to buy and get the value inside your offer.

It's essential to have genuine, persuasive sales copy. And you don’t want to leave your copywriting up to your best guess, because….

Being a magnet to the clients that light you up, so you can feel energized leading your people.

Becoming a stand-out brand so you can reach more people, expand your impact, and fulfill your mission.

Boosting your revenue so you can grow your business to massive heights that support the life you want.

Expert sales page copywriting is your ticket to...

Do these sound like the results you’re looking for?

Good news: you found a corner of the internet with the exact package you need to get massive results – while knowing your sales page copywriting is taken care of.

Get a personable, high-converting sales page or email sequence written for you in 5 business days. So you can save time and sell out your product with a message you’re proud of.


The *VIP* Sales Copy Package

Apply For a Sales copy package

Starting at $1,997

The prework stage is the foundation of successful sales page copywriting. At this time, we'll collect all the details about your offer, objectives, target audience, and social proof. Plus, I'll get to know your brand and voice to ensure we meet your specific vision.
  • Questionnaire. You complete a short questionnaire detailing your offering, audience, and brand.

  • VOC Data. All you need to do is share your market research with me, and I’ll dig through it for nuggets of sales copy gold.

  • Kick-Off Call. We hop on a 45-minute call to dig deeper and clarify any questions before I get started.

After the prework stage, your sales page copywriting is fully off your plate. I'll get to work while you focus on what's most important to you. *sighs of relief*

inside step 1

Step 1: Prework

The VIP Sales Copy Method

how does it work?

This phase is all about getting to know your audience and what compels them to purchase. Sometimes your client’s biggest desires are different from what you may think. So, I’ll dive deep into the places they hang out – to hear what’s important to them from their own words.
  • Target Market Research. I comb through your data and research your ideal client to learn about them, their pain points, and desires.

  • Potential Customer Voice. I hang out with your potential clients in Facebook groups, online forums, and comments to read what they’re saying in their own voices. 

  • Strategy. Using all this info, I develop a copy strategy that defines your unique value and masters your way into your messaging.

This detailed research gives your potential buyers the reaction that you’re inside their head, knowing exactly what they need. 

inside step 2

Now, for the *extra* fun part! I get to throw on my noise-canceling headphones, zone into my writing process, and spend a full business day on your sales page copywriting – writing every single sentence with intention. 

  • Writing. A whollle lot of it.

inside step 3

Step 3: Sales Page Copy Development

I’ll be handing over sales page copywriting that’s polished, professionally edited, and up to my highest standards. And to make sure we get things exactly right, you have the option to request two rounds of revisions.
  • Delivery. You’ll receive a Google Doc with your sales copy and a video that walks you through the marketing copy strategy.

  • Revisions. You get 48 hours to provide feedback, and (in most cases) you receive your edits 48 hours after that.

🥳 BONUS: Get 1:1 Voxer (walkie-talkie instant messaging app) access for one week after your copy is delivered for any questions you may have.

inside step 4

Step 4: Feedback and Edits (If Needed)

Here's a closer look inside the Package...

Basically, it’s a copywriter’s dream day.


During your VIP project, your business becomes my top priority. I look at your offer from all angles, give your conversion copy the detail it deserves, and provide you with the support you need – all in a quick turnaround.
5 business days, to be exact.

Step 2: Research & Strategy

– James Bake, Chief Operating Officer, BestSelf Co.

"Before working with Allegra, we struggled with finding the right words. Mostly because we were too close to the project and had too many other things going on.

The best, best part was that you "get it." We've worked with a few other copywriters and usually, the first rounds have lots of edits or need re-dos. Not the case here.

The first round of copy sent over checked almost all the boxes. Which was AMAZING!"

The brand tone was spot on and it felt like you've been writing for BestSelf Co. for years.

– Sarah Turner, expert copywriter, coach, creator of Write Your Way to Freedom

"I’m a copywriter myself, so trusting another copywriter with my copywriter with my projects is a big deal! I highly recommend her for your copy needs.”

Allegra is an absolute dream to work with.

— Ryan Waddell, head of marketing, My Vaccine Lawyer

"Our standards for copywriting and SEO are quite high. We’ve struck out in the past with a few other services, but hit the bullseye this time with Allegra. Her response time and clarity for project vision, its plan of action, and deliverables were unmatched.

We’re really happy with the product we received."

We hit the bullseye with Allegra.

– Janel Abrahami, Career Coach

"I’m so glad I worked with Allegra on my launch copy. Her proposal was spot-on, which made our work together pretty seamless, and she incorporates feedback like a pro.

I look forward to working with her again"

I saw engagement in my high-ticket offering minutes after my copy went live!

— Dr. Martina Sturm, owner, Denver Sports and Holistic Medicine

"Allegra's copywriting is always high-quality and she gives my brand voice character. She's reliable, transparent, and has excellent communication skills"

She truly cares about helping you reach your business goals.

Her writing style adds value and a voice to your product.

– Anna Pandos, CEO, Moon Balloon

"Allegra is thorough in her research and preparation, taking the time to fully understand her audience and topic.

She truly has a unique and impressive style of writing."


Your sales page gets my total focus during your VIP week. I pause all other client work to go all-in on your business, research, strategy, and copy.


You’ll never receive a *rough* draft. I hand over sales page copywriting that’s professionally edited, up to my highest standards, and ready to publish.

Publish-Ready Copy

You get proven copywriting skills and techniques like persuasive psychology, strong headlines, creative storytelling, emotional decision-making, and more.

The VIP Sales Copy Package Guarantee

When you work with me on your sales page or emails, I guarantee you'll receive...

I’m Allegra. I write sales pages and email sequences that help creative brands and course creators like you increase their sales and impact. 

Are you wondering how to find the right words to stand out among other online courses and digital products?

While your product offerings and benefits are vital, people buy from people. That's why I take a unique approach to sales copy that captures your personality and mission.

Let’s show your audience who you are, what you stand for – and how your offer can transform their lives.

well hello!

Meet Your Sales Page Copywriter and Online Marketing Strategist

Whole-Life Coaches
Career Coaches
Hemp Oil Brands
Holistic Health Leaders
Online Business Strategists
Mindset Experts
Online Clothing Retailers
Clean Goods Stores
Functional Medicine Providers

…and more online business owners, brands, and course creators like you!

I've proudly worked with...

phase one: Pre-work

The Simple, 5-Step Sales Copy Process

You complete a short questionnaire detailing your offering, audience, and brand – and I'll also study your existing launch copy and market research.

1. Questionnaire

We hop on a 45-minute call to debrief before I start writing. During this call, we’ll discuss your questionnaire and I'll get to know your business on a deeper level.

2. Kick Off call

I dive into your questionnaire, our kick-off call notes, and market research – and begin developing your personality-driven copy strategy.

3. strategy

I write your sales page using my signature formula that connects with your audience and compels them to take action with your business.

4. copy development

The package includes professional editing, so all copy is polished when delivered. Plus, one round of complimentary edits is included.

5. Edits (if needed)

Phase Two: Strategy & Copywriting

Get 1:1 Voxer (walkie-talkie instant messaging app) access for one week after your copy is delivered for any questions you may have.

Follow-up & Support


in recap

>> After the pre-work stage, your work is done! From here, I dive into all of the data and research you've shared with me to develop your conversion-driving launch copy.<<

Launch Copy Reactions

what my clients say

I’ll spend one full day writing your sales page! But the VIP package is one week long to include time for prep work, research, strategy, and editing, so you get a publish-ready sales page instead of a work in progress.

Can you write my sales page in a day?

Got questions?

I have answers! Explore our FAQs.

Yes! I also offer sales email marketing with an a / b test. You can simply book multiple VIP weeks to get both your sales page and email sequence completed before your launch.

Can you also create the sales email sequence for my launch or marketing campaigns? 

The waitlist is generally booked 2-3 weeks in advance. Are you gearing up to launch your product in the next few months? Apply now to make sure you get your sales page completed before the big day.

When should I apply for a VIP package?

A landing page incentivizes action, but it doesn’t necessarily involve a sale - it could prompt the reader to sign up for a webinar, email list, or something else. The best sales pages aim to incentivize the audience to purchase your product.

What’s the difference between a landing page vs. a sales page?

Yep! Payment is handled online by ACH or credit card.

Can I pay with a credit card?

If you already have a...

Clear Business Plan. You’re crystal-clear on your business focus and the audience you want to target. Even better if you have market research!

The VIP Sales Copy Package Is for You

Proven Product. You’ve tested your offer and have solid testimonials that showcase social proof and results.

Launch Strategy. You have a plan in place to send people to your sales page when you’re ready to launch.


Nodding yes to all the above? Complete the full application to save time and see if we’re the perfect fit *signs are saying we are.*

The VIP format means I can look at your business strategy from all angles, give your copy the care it deserves, and be the temporary partner you need – all in a quick turnaround. 

 1:1 Support and Attention

Save time while getting an expert sales page written to increase your sales – and launch your product with a message you're proud of.

Done-for-You SALES page copy

Your sales page or emails will be off your list and headspace in just 5 business days. And when you have more headspace, you have room to be creative and expand your program in ways you’re proud of.

1 Week Turnaround Time

The VIP Sales Copy Package Comes Equipped With…

What’s the cost of your time?

Maybe you’re still considering using a sales page copywriting template to write your sales page yourself. And I totally get it. I also like to explore all my options when I’m making a decision for my business.

But your sales page is one of the most essential elements of selling your product. It’s the bridge that builds value and gets your audience over the pool of doubt – so they can land on the other side in an offer that improves their lives.

What if, instead of spending more than a week of your own hours on your sales page, you could hand your sales page over to an expert?

Someone who already understands proven sales page copywriting techniques. So you don’t have to cram to learn them yourself to get your desired outcome.

Someone who could make the process simple and easy for you so you can stay focused on what matters most to you heading into your launch.

Are you ready to save time, increase your sales, and expand your impact? All this is possible for you when you apply for the VIP sales page copywriting package.

Apply now to save time & see if it's a good fit.

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