Get an expert SEO Content Strategy that helps the right people find you, trust you, and buy from you – all through organic search.

For the creative entrepreneur who’s ready to scale sustainably using SEO:


What if you could diversify your revenue, automate your leads, and become a household name –without relying on social media?

Expert Copywriter, Copywriting Mentor, creator of Write Your Way to Freedom

Allegra knows what she's doing and provides real results. Her SEO [strategy and] long-form articles drive traffic to our website, increase opt-ins, and increase revenue.

Allegra has helped increase the traffic on my website by 13,536%

Sarah Turner

I’m proud to share that I’m one of the rare copywriters still specializing in search engine optimization (SEO). I’m genuinely fascinated by SEO and the positive impact it has on your brand.

SEO is often underutilized, especially in the world of online entrepreneurship, because it’s not as flashy or straightforward as other methods like social media marketing. 

While social is a powerful tool, I’ve come across many entrepreneurs who feel burnt out trying to constantly appeal to the algorithm and show up online. Sound familiar?

SEO is a proven, time-saving alternative (or supplement) to your other methods. It’s an incredible way to help new clients find you. Plus, SEO is so much more than a lead generator alone. 

When done right, this channel increases revenue, saves you time, and ultimately offers you more freedom as an entrepreneur...

I'm Allegra, your SEO Content Strategist and SEO Copywriter

hey there!

Make organic search a robust, reliable source of new clients for your offers or services.

Diversify your lead CHANNELS 

And unlike social media or PR, SEO doesn’t require your physical presence. Which means you can outsource your SEO content strategy and content – so you save time while creating more revenue and leads.

Earn money through affiliate marketing, partnerships, and your own digital product sales.


Be a go-to resource that your ideal clients and competitors trust and cite regularly.

Seal your credibility

SEO is challenging to learn and time-consuming to implement.

The only not-so-little problem is…

And it’s completely normal to feel this way because SEO isn’t clear-cut.

There are best practices to follow but not many hard-and-fast rules. It takes trial-and-error and learned-from experience to understand how to effectively implement SEO and see authentic results.

As an established entrepreneur, you value your time and would prefer to have an expert take SEO off your plate while you stay focused on your vision. 

Someone you can trust to navigate modern SEO strategy and write quality long-form content that outranks top results – to deliver the results you’re looking for.

That’s where I come in.

I’m an SEO content strategist constantly looking for the most effective ways to grow through organic search. I’ve helped my clients:

✓ Jump to page 1 of Google in under three months
✓ Grow traffic by 13,536%
✓ Significantly increase their sales through SEO

And I’d be honored to help you do the same. That’s why I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to…

A done-for-you SEO content strategy for creative entrepreneurs who want to skyrocket their leads, solidify their online presence, and increase revenue through organic search.

The SEO Content Strategy Package

get a custom seo strategy

Director of Marketing and Business Development at My Vaccine Lawyer

Our standards for copywriting and SEO are quite high, and we hit the bullseye with Allegra. Her response time and clarity for project vision, its plan of action, and deliverables were unmatched. We’re really happy with the product we received.

Allegra helped us rank on page 1 in under two months.


Make SEO a reliable, robust source of lead generation that leads qualified leads to find and purchase your offers {so you don’t need to rely on social media, paid ads, or other channels alone}.

Boost your monthly leads.

Maybe you feel like you’re missing out on SEO growth but don’t know where to start. Get an expert plan tailored to your unique goals {have confidence your SEO efforts are making the biggest impact possible}.

Get clarity on your SEO plan. 

 SEO is more than a leads generator – it’s a proven way to earn income through affiliate marketing, partnerships, and product sales {diversify your income, so you’re not always trading time for money}.

Add a reliable income stream.

Unlike a paid campaign that has an end date, your SEO content continues to build results over time {learn how to use SEO to produce hundreds to thousands of monthly site visitors and sales}.

SEE results for years to come.

Get a content plan designed to increase your visibility and credibility in your industry {so you become the #1 trusted source among your audience and even your competitors}.

Become a household name.

You’ll come away from your SEO Content Strategy Package with a plan to:

Let's do this!

You come away with an expert plan to use one of the most profitable and underutilized income streams for modern brands. Get an SEO roadmap tailored to your unique goals – so you can save time while growing your leads, authority, and revenue.

Simply Put:

Let’s look at where your website stands in terms of organic traffic and SEO, so we can set proper goals and measure progress against them in the future. This first step includes a deep dive into the keywords you rank for with analysis.

>> You come away with a crystal-clear vision of the gaps in your SEO plan and where optimization could lead to more growth, leads, and revenue. 

Current SEO Snapshot

This section outlines the brands and individuals leveraging SEO at a high level in your industry. You receive an overview of competitors’ site traffic, keywords they’re using, and takeaways from it all.

>> You come away with a complete understanding of the competitors in your niche, strategies to emulate, and how to differentiate to reach your goals and stand out.

Industry Overview

I put together a keyword strategy that aims to maximize your organic growth potential based on your unique brand goals, competitor insights, and existing SEO. This section outlines the keywords to target to reach the most growth.

>> You come away with a comprehensive SEO keyword plan without ever having to use a confusing planning tool yourself.

SEO Keyword Strategy

 Some SEO strategists end at the keyword strategy, but we go a step deeper to show you exactly how to apply this information. The 3-month content plan outlines the content pillars and long-form content to create to make the most impact towards your goals.

>> You come away with total clarity on what content to create to reach your SEO goals over the next year. Plus, you never have to wonder what to write about each month.

3-Month SEO Content Plan

Here's everything you receive with your custom SEO plan:

the package

Beyond the project scope and deliverables listed above, you receive 1:1 strategy consulting via Voxer (an instant messaging app).

During our project, I’m here to answer any questions about your SEO and larger marketing strategy. If you’ve ever wished you could have an SEO and online marketing expert to answer your questions, this is for you.

1:1 Strategy consulting

Not only will you get a holistic, done-for-you SEO strategy, but here’s what truly sets this offer apart:

I'm In!

It’s so great to meet you! When I’m not producing results-driving strategy and copywriting for my clients, you can find me hiking in the woods, diving in the ocean, or scribbling lines of poetry.

Leveraging SEO was one of the smartest decisions I ever made for my brand. Before figuring out SEO, I spent a ton of time on social media and cold pitching. I was tired of showing up so often without seeing real results (sound familiar?).

Now, I rely on SEO to grow my brand in so many ways. From bringing in qualified leads consistently while I stay focused on my vision and clients. To being a true and reliable source of income through avenues like partnerships and affiliate marketing.

I know that SEO is often a source of confusion. And it’s not your fault because SEO is complex, and there are not many hard-and-fast rules. But I see how the confusion stops my clients and peers in the online entrepreneurship space from using this powerful strategy.

That’s why I genuinely enjoy demystifying SEO for my clients and showing you how this channel gets you closer to your goals while saving you time.

I’d be honored to be the one to help you unlock all the benefits of SEO for your brand. Let’s create a strategy that makes your SEO work harder for you – from bringing in new leads and revenue to creating more time and freedom in your day.

Demystify My SEO

More About Your SEO Content Strategist and Copywriter

How The SEO Content Strategy Package Works

the process

You’ll fill out a questionnaire to share details about your unique goals, audience, areas of your brand, and existing SEO strategy (if applicable).

2. Questionnaire

Submit an application for the SEO content strategy package to ensure you’re in the best place to see results out of this package.

1. Application

We’ll host a briefing call to discuss any questions from the questionnaire, clarify your goals, align on KPIs, and more.

3. briefing call

Once I have all the information I need, I’ll dive into developing your custom SEO content strategy, which includes all of the assets below.

4. Strategy Development

SEO Snapshot and Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Strategic Keyword Strategy
3-Month SEO Content Strategy Plan
1:1 Strategy Consulting

Recap of Your Takeaways:


Let's Get started

The SEO Content Strategy Promise

You’re here because you want to use SEO to help leads find you, add a revenue stream, and become a stand-out brand. I’m committed to being the expert that helps you reach your goals.

My promise is to provide you with a personalized experience that always considers your specific brand goals. We don’t do cookie-cutter strategies here – we use proven methods to meet your value-aligned objectives.

As an experienced SEO strategist, I don’t guarantee front-page results because SEO is a complex engine that’s not entirely predictable. That’s why I advise against working with agencies who guarantee results because it’s not an outcome you can promise. 

What I *do* guarantee is that I will use the best practices, proven techniques, and learned-from experience that consistently leads to results for myself and my clients. 

My strategies have helped my clients jump to page 1 of Google in under two months, grow traffic by 13,536%, and significantly increase their sales through SEO.

You have my word that I will use the best of my abilities to help you get results like these from organic search. And I’ll be the first to help you adjust based on results and the latest practices.

– James Bake, Chief Operating Officer, BestSelf Co.

"Before working with Allegra, we struggled with finding the right words. Mostly because we were too close to the project and had too many other things going on.

The best, best part was that you "get it." We've worked with a few other copywriters and usually, the first rounds have lots of edits or need re-dos. Not the case here.

The first round of copy sent over checked almost all the boxes. Which was AMAZING!"

The brand tone was spot on and it felt like you've been writing for BestSelf Co. for years.

– Sarah Turner, expert copywriter, coach, creator of Write Your Way to Freedom

"I’m a copywriter myself, so trusting another copywriter with my copywriter with my projects is a big deal! I highly recommend her for your copy needs.”

Allegra is an absolute dream to work with.

— Ryan Waddell, head of marketing, My Vaccine Lawyer

"Our standards for copywriting and SEO are quite high. We’ve struck out in the past with a few other services, but hit the bullseye this time with Allegra. Her response time and clarity for project vision, its plan of action, and deliverables were unmatched.

We’re really happy with the product we received."

We hit the bullseye with Allegra.

– Janel Abrahami, Career Coach

"I’m so glad I worked with Allegra on my launch copy. Her proposal was spot-on, which made our work together pretty seamless, and she incorporates feedback like a pro.

I look forward to working with her again"

I saw engagement in my high-ticket offering minutes after my copy went live!

— Dr. Martina Sturm, owner, Denver Sports and Holistic Medicine

"Allegra's copywriting is always high-quality and she gives my brand voice character. She's reliable, transparent, and has excellent communication skills"

She truly cares about helping you reach your business goals.

Her writing style adds value and a voice to your product.

– Anna Pandos, CEO, Moon Balloon

"Allegra is thorough in her research and preparation, taking the time to fully understand her audience and topic.

She truly has a unique and impressive style of writing."

You may be wondering, “what happens after the SEO content strategy package?” or “is SEO content included in this package?”

The package includes a strategic SEO strategy and content plan. The strategy is an important step to take before creating SEO content. It ensures your content ladders up to your larger goals, and you get the most impact from your efforts.

The package gives you a roadmap to execute for the next 12 months. From there, you can:

  • Write the monthly SEO content.
  • Outsource to a team member or existing contractor.
  • Work with me on your monthly SEO copywriting.

Once your project is completed, we’ll discuss whether we’re the right fit to work together on your monthly SEO content. No matter what, the package you receive gives you a clear roadmap on the SEO content to implement to reach your goals.

If you already know you want an SEO copywriter to execute your monthly content with precision and quality, you can start the process by booking an SEO Content Strategy package. The strategy sets us up for success in reaching your unique goals.

Optional Upgrade: SEO Copywriting Retainer


Yes! Coming out of the SEO content strategy, there is an option to upgrade so we can work together on your monthly SEO content. The strategy is the first step because it sets our partnership up for success. We will have a strategic roadmap to implement over the next 12 months.


Have more questions?

I have answers! Explore our FAQs.

The SEO Content Strategy package is right for you if...

You’re an established brand with a proven offer and business model. SEO results compound over time, so we’re going to build foundations that set you up for success now and in the future. Let’s make sure we’re building toward the future you want!

Let’s make sure you're going to get the biggest results out of this offer.

You want to earn money through affiliate marketing or partnerships without going viral on social media. Yes, there is another way. We’ll create an SEO plan to generate traffic that directly leads to sales and revenue.

You’re eager to add a new lead generation channel that doesn’t directly involve your time, money, or physical presence. SEO is a proven way to help new clients find your offers, so you don’t always need to rely on ads, social media, or showing up online.


Are you ready to take your SEO content strategy to the next level? This package is for those who are ready to do more than just create blogs here and there. Get a proven, high-level plan to maximize growth and revenue through search engine optimization.

You want an expert to handle your SEO strategy because you value your time. You’d prefer to stay in your zone of genius while an experienced SEO strategist and SEO copywriter creates an effective strategy for you.

Why should you work on your SEO now?

SEO is a proven way to create more leads, revenue, and freedom in your day. But the only catch is that SEO builds momentum over time.

It can take a few weeks to see results when you’re first starting out. That’s why people tend to push SEO to the back-burner because you don’t get the immediate gratification like you do with an Instagram like or a Podcast listen.

But imagine what it could be like a few weeks from now.

You’re in the middle of a busy work week – focused on delivering client work, running your program, or writing your content. Suddenly you get an inquiry through your website. An impressive, qualified lead has asked to work with you – all while you were focused on other things.

Now imagine your life one year from now.

5-10 new leads find you through your website every single month. You’re earning an extra $2k (or more) monthly in affiliate marketing sales. You’re steadily growing your email list where you sell your digital products. And all of this is happening through your website SEO.

All of this is possible with targeted, intentional SEO strategy and content. But accomplishing these results in the future requires getting started now.

Every effort you put into SEO now compounds over time. You’re not just getting one like, or one listen. These efforts could drive hundreds of site visitors and sales for years to come. It just requires a little patience at first and the right SEO content strategy to get started.

Most people aren’t willing to stay consistent in the beginning to see these incredible results. Will you be one of the few that unlock the time-saving and revenue-boosting benefits of SEO?

SEO Snapshot and Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Strategic Keyword Strategy
3-Month SEO Content Strategy Plan
1:1 Strategy Consulting

Recap of the package:


Let's Get started

Optional Upgrade: Monthly SEO Copywriting

Like you, there’s so much I love about being a creative entrepreneur. The freedom, the intention, and the way WE decide what’s next for us and how to accomplish it.

One thing that’s not the best? When we get into the space of spinning our wheels, trying out all the different strategies, and not seeing things work. Been there.

Whether you’ve tried using SEO before and haven’t seen results, or you’re eager to find a strategy that actually saves you time while earning more money, you’re in the right place.

I know first-hand that SEO is a proven, reliable, brand-building method. But you need the right expertise and SEO plan to get the results you’re looking for.

If you want to save yourself the spin and get real results out of search – I’d be honored to be the SEO content strategist to create your strategy. No matter what, I’m in your corner, and I can’t wait to see how you use SEO to change the way you think about your time and income.

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A final note from me (Allegra).

Let's do this!

How to create a winning keyword plan and content strategy to drive brand growth through SEO.

The Ultimate Guide to SEO Strategy

Not ready to work with an SEO specialist?

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Steal this complete guide to expertly DIY your SEO content strategy: