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Potential Topics

Key Takeaways:
  1. Implement the 3 money-generating, automated email sequences every online business needs.
  2. Write compelling emails using a proven 5-step framework developed by an expert copywriter.
  3. Build a warm, engaged email list filled with people who are excited to buy from you.

Master Email Marketing: How to Triple Your Revenue With One Marketing Channel

email marketing

Key Takeaways:
  1. How to identify and cultivate an in-demand skill and offer your services.
  2. Developing the processes and systems of a successful online business.
  3. Create your online presence and network to build a client base.

Unconventional Careers: How to Launch a Thriving Online Business


Learn how to work for yourself, pursue your passion, and create location, and wealth freedom.

Learn to create a loyal audience, capture your brand’s value, and boost sales – on autopilot.

– James Bake, Chief Operating Officer, BestSelf Co.

"Before working with Allegra, we struggled with finding the right words. Mostly because we were too close to the project and had too many other things going on.

The best, best part was that you "get it." We've worked with a few other copywriters and usually, the first rounds have lots of edits or need re-dos. Not the case here.

The first round of copy sent over checked almost all the boxes. Which was AMAZING!"

The brand tone was spot on and it felt like you've been writing for BestSelf Co. for years.

– Sarah Turner, expert copywriter, coach, creator of Write Your Way to Freedom

"I’m a copywriter myself, so trusting another copywriter with my copywriter with my projects is a big deal! I highly recommend her for your copy needs.”

Allegra is an absolute dream to work with.

— Ryan Waddell, head of marketing, My Vaccine Lawyer

"Our standards for copywriting and SEO are quite high. We’ve struck out in the past with a few other services, but hit the bullseye this time with Allegra. Her response time and clarity for project vision, its plan of action, and deliverables were unmatched.

We’re really happy with the product we received."

We hit the bullseye with Allegra.

– Janel Abrahami, Career Coach

"I’m so glad I worked with Allegra on my launch copy. Her proposal was spot-on, which made our work together pretty seamless, and she incorporates feedback like a pro.

I look forward to working with her again"

I saw engagement in my high-ticket offering minutes after my copy went live!

— Dr. Martina Sturm, owner, Denver Sports and Holistic Medicine

"Allegra's copywriting is always high-quality and she gives my brand voice character. She's reliable, transparent, and has excellent communication skills"

She truly cares about helping you reach your business goals.

Her writing style adds value and a voice to your product.

– Anna Pandos, CEO, Moon Balloon

"Allegra is thorough in her research and preparation, taking the time to fully understand her audience and topic.

She truly has a unique and impressive style of writing."