Elevate your messaging, increase your sales, and get time back in your day.

I create connection-driven emails and sales pages that increase your bottom line – while saving you time on your sales copy. 

But in order to experience the dreamy life of *freedom* that everyone is chattering about... you need to generate consistent, predictable sales in your business.

And even though your product, course, or program is incredibly valuable... you still need the right message to communicate the value of the offer and compel your audience to buy.

So that they can experience the transformation in store – and YOU can experience the impact-driven, freedom-filled life you set out to create.

You started your business to create more space, fulfillment, and intention in your life.

sound like you?

– James Bake, Chief Operating Officer, BestSelf Co.

"Before working with Allegra, we struggled with finding the right words. Mostly because we were too close to the project and had too many other things going on.

The best, best part was that you "get it." We've worked with a few other copywriters and usually, the first rounds have lots of edits or need re-dos. Not the case here.

The first round of copy sent over checked almost all the boxes. Which was AMAZING!"

The brand tone was spot on and it felt like you've been writing for BestSelf Co. for years.

– Sarah Turner, expert copywriter, coach, creator of Write Your Way to Freedom

"I’m a copywriter myself, so trusting another copywriter with my copywriter with my projects is a big deal! I highly recommend her for your copy needs.”

Allegra is an absolute dream to work with.

— Ryan Waddell, head of marketing, My Vaccine Lawyer

"Our standards for copywriting and SEO are quite high. We’ve struck out in the past with a few other services, but hit the bullseye this time with Allegra. Her response time and clarity for project vision, its plan of action, and deliverables were unmatched.

We’re really happy with the product we received."

We hit the bullseye with Allegra.

– Janel Abrahami, Career Coach

"I’m so glad I worked with Allegra on my launch copy. Her proposal was spot-on, which made our work together pretty seamless, and she incorporates feedback like a pro.

I look forward to working with her again"

I saw engagement in my high-ticket offering minutes after my copy went live!

— Dr. Martina Sturm, owner, Denver Sports and Holistic Medicine

"Allegra's copywriting is always high-quality and she gives my brand voice character. She's reliable, transparent, and has excellent communication skills"

She truly cares about helping you reach your business goals.

Her writing style adds value and a voice to your product.

– Anna Pandos, CEO, Moon Balloon

"Allegra is thorough in her research and preparation, taking the time to fully understand her audience and topic.

She truly has a unique and impressive style of writing."

How do you generate consistent, reliable sales?

Aside from having a wow-worthy product or program, you also need the right marketing strategies to attract, nurture, and convert your audience regularly.

This comes down to your:

→ Automated Email Marketing. The emails and sequences that nurture your leads, drive consistent sales – and prime your audience to hop on your next launch.

→ Sales Strategy/Launch Funnel. The launch content that promotes a new product/program, moves your customers through the customer journey – and compels them to click purchase.

And for your funnels to do their jobs properly, you also need personable, unique, human-driven sales copy that converts.

Sound like the mix of marketing you need?


Need your launch copy expertly written fast? Book a VIP intensive to get your gold-standard sales page or emails pronto.

Launch Copy


Up-Level my emails

Did you know that *effective* email marketing generates 4,200% ROI? Let's make sure you're getting the most out of email.

Email Strategy & Copy

Get conversion-driving sales copy served up in a seamless, done-for-you process.

My mission is to help you create a thriving business on your own terms. 

Let's increase your revenue and save you time, so you can focus on what matters most to you. Whether that means growing a team of employees or shutting down your laptop at 2 pm to take care of your family daily.

Before becoming a sales content specialist, I managed and launched national brand campaigns at top advertising agencies.

I studied creative storytelling and took gold-standard courses in sales funnel creation, sales copywriting psychology, and email conversion strategy – all so you don’t have to.

And I’ve combined all this knowledge into one unique formula that consistently gets results for heart-centered business owners like you.

I'm Allegra,

well hello!

A sales copywriter for entrepreneurs and e-commerce brands.

Steal this product launch email template to make your next launch your most successful one yet.

Product Launch Emails – How to Prepare for a Successful Launch

Ready to launch your offer but unsure of how to write a sales page? Use this high-converting sales page copywriting template to increase your results.

Sales Page Template: How to Write a Killer Sales Page


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Get the 5-step outline for creating a killer welcome email sequence that…

  • Builds a raving, loyal audience
  • Captures your brand’s unique value
  • Boosts current and future sales

…all on autopilot. So you can save time while skyrocketing your brand’s revenue and impact.

Write the emails that could triple your revenue.